Biological odor neutralizer

Skyvell - the biological room air neutralizer

Skyvell is a natural odor neutralizer based on essential plant oils and pure Austrian mountain water.

Skyvell leaves a subtle, soothing fresh scent and contains no masking fragrances or harsh chemicals.

Therefore, Skyvell is also ideally suited for healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes.

Quality of life!

Smells influence our well-being more than we realize. Bad smells tempt us to keep our distance, even from people. Where we feel comfortable, we want to stay. Bad odors regularly occur in the healthcare field, caused by wounds and other body fluids. For the nursing staff or cleaning personnel in care facilities and clinics, this is often a challenge that is not easy to master. Skyvell eliminates bad odors efficiently, quickly and safely. The patient’s quality of life is enhanced and human dignity is preserved.

The solution for incontinence!

The acrid smell of urine quickly spreads through the room and can affect the well-being of the occupants. Let’s give people back their dignity so that family members, friends, and young grandchildren will once again enjoy visiting their grandparents without turning up their noses every time. Elderly and sick people also have a right to a better quality of life.

Skyvell is therefore particularly suitable for hospitals, elderly care facilities, care for relatives and assisted living.

Your profit

Any environment becomes completely clean only when the bad smell also disappears. Skyvell makes a significant contribution to cleanliness by effectively eliminating bad odors of all kinds and keeping your residents and caregivers comfortable.

Skywell - Sortiment

Safe & Natural

Skyvell is safe and harmless to all life, whether on land, water or in the air.
Skyvell products have undergone many tests and have proven that they do not harm the environment and are biodegradable. Skyvell was developed by a world leader in odor elimination.

How does Skyvell work?

Skyvell eliminates bad odors at the molecular level. The mixture of essential oils envelops the water drop. This coating establishes a weak electrostatic charge that attracts the bad-smelling molecules.

The essential oils in the water drop act as a link between the bad smelling molecules. After the water droplet has filled, it simply falls to the ground. The bad-smelling molecules are reversed and converted into neutral salts or decomposed.

For every problem odor a natural solution:

Skywell Spray


Instant solution for surfaces and air

Skywell Gel


For continuous odor control


Multi Use

Washing additive for odors in textiles

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