Dr. Schumacher DESCODERM Hand and Skin Disinfection 250ml Spray Bottle

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Alcoholic, fragrance-free disinfectant for rubbing into hands and skin. Without cumulative long-term active ingredients or other additives, therefore very skin-friendly. Dermatologically recommended for hand and skin disinfection for skin- or allergy-sensitive persons.


  • Bactericidal, levurocidal, tuberculocidal
  • Limited virucidal
  • dermatologically recommended for skin sensitiv. People
  • Free from potentially allergenic additives
  • spore-free filtered

Alcohol-based disinfectant for skin and hands. Without perfume oils, dyes and cumulative long-term active ingredients – therefore very skin-friendly.
Especially for people who are sensitive to allergies. Compatible with all wash lotions. Aldehyde-, phenol- and QAV-free as well as spore-free filtered.

Areas of application:

  • hygienic hand disinfection
  • surgical hand disinfection
  • Skin disinfection before injections, punctures and operations
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