High quality PP protective visor / face shield / FaceShield

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  • pleasant wearing comfort
  • adjustable to any head size
  • disinfectable and reusable

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Our high-quality VCV protective visor provides a protective barrier in front of the face, protecting it from droplets and splashes.

Protective visors are therefore ideal for people in healthcare, at reception desks and in direct customer contact.


Product features:

  • known flip-up mechanism
  • pleasant wearing comfort
  • adjustable to any head size
  • Material: polycarbonate, foil
  • complete disinfection possible
  • durable and reusable
  • with foam padding on the inside of the headband

Multiple use is possible by disinfecting or exchanging the visors.

When not in use, the visor can be folded up. Sufficient distance between the face and the visor reduces fogging of the visor.

This makes our VCV protective visor ideal for people who wear glasses!


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