“sippa” drinking aid – basic set (without handle+valve)

59,99  (incl. VAT)

  • Medical drinking aid sippa with integrated balancing membrane for maintaining a static drinking position
  • Filling quantity: 200 ml
  • Material: SMMA, Polypropylene, PBT, Silicone

Package contents: 3 sippa pad (ring with integrated membrane), 1 cup, 1 clamping ring, 1 lid, instructions for use


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“sippa” drinking aid – basic set (without handle+valve)

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sippa is a medical drinking aid for people with swallowing disorders or movement restrictions.

It helps sufferers to pursue their normal drinking habits without outside help.

The patented sippa mechanism allows the affected person to drink with their head lowered, thus preventing swallowing.

The cup can be emptied without having to change the head position.


The “sippa” basic set contains the drinking aid without optional usable handles and a valve.


Package contents:

1 cup

3 membranes

1 Clamping ring

1 Lid

1 Instruction manual


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