Skyvell Multi Use Odor Neutralizer

6,95  (incl. VAT)

For carpet cleaners, washing vacuums and as a washing additive for textiles of all kinds.


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The Skyvell Multi Use is the strongest of all products in the Skyvell family.

For extremely stubborn odors in carpets, upholstery and on other surfaces (e.g. floors, tiles, grout), the Skyvell Multi Use does the rest. Simply add the additive to the wiping water or use it as a washing additive for the washing machine.

The Multi Use is also ideally suited for use with carpet washing vacuums. Persistent odors, such as urine, musty smell, smoke or odors from garbage, paints, food, etc. will disappear completely. From the very first application, Skyvell Multi Use works reliably and completely eliminates odor.


  • pure biological ingredients
  • non-toxic
  • non flammable

Areas of application:

  • Patient rooms
  • Wards
  • Recreation rooms
  • Sanitary areas
  • Workspaces

100ml, 1 liter, 5 liters

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