"sippa" - The drinking aid for swallowing disorders

sippa - Medical drinking aid

sippa is a medical drinking aid for people with swallowing disorders or movement restrictions. It helps sufferers to pursue their normal drinking habits without outside help.

The patented sippa mechanism allows the affected person to drink with their head lowered, thus preventing swallowing. The cup can be emptied without having to change the head position.

How does sippa work?

When drinking with sippa, drinking can be done from a static position with the chin towards the chest – the so-called chin-down maneuver. The restoring force of the membrane ensures a constant liquid level at the top rim of the cup, thus enabling this preferred and safe drinking position.


sippa has many functions that are helpful for therapeutic and nursing management of problems with drinking and swallowing:

  • Static drinking position with chin lowered
  • Transparent lid with drinking opening
  • Leakage protection and sealing valve
  • Optional handles
  • Shatterproof plastic
  • Misapplication protection
  • Natural lip line
  • Dishwasher safe
Trinkhilfe bei Schluckbeschwerden

Your advantages with sippa

Patients with mobility or cognitive limitations have many benefits from using sippa. The easy handling and the spill protection offer the help to be able to drink independently without having to rely on caregivers. Due to the gained independence, dehydration and other nutritional deficiencies can be prevented.

sippa promotes an optimal head position for carefree drinking, the so-called Chin-Down or Chin-Tuck maneuver, especially for people with dysphagia. Habitual wetting of the lips and normal swallowing boluses enable a natural swallowing mechanism.

sippa ensures fewer complications by reducing the risk of aspiration, thus reducing unnecessary hospitalization and unnecessary costs.

„sippa“ Trinkhilfe – Komplett Set (mit Henkel+Ventil) - Aufbau

Modularity for every situation:

sippa is a completely modular system to adapt to the needs of the user.
Spill protection, handles and the patented sippa mechanism can be used optionally with the standard cup.

Each individual part is also available as a 10-pack in our store!

Medical benefits:

  • Reduction of the risk of aspiration
  • An optimal head position with chin lowered
  • A habitual wetting of the lips
  • Enabling normal swallowing boluses
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