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The company

We are VitalCareVisions® – a North German trading company with headquarters in the Lüneburg Heath. What sets us apart is a high level of expertise in the field of medical product innovations. That’s why we are constantly “on the pulse of innovation.”

The challenges of the care market have existed for years and will not diminish. VitalCareVisions® was founded in 2019 on the basis of this problem and pursues the goal of counteracting the shortage of personnel and other problems in nursing care through the targeted use of medical innovations.

As a result of the Corona pandemic, we have also positioned ourselves in the area of protective equipment and in-vitro diagnostics and can also provide professional advice and supplies in this area.

In addition to our website,, we have made our range of mobility aids available to self-pay patients through a separate store, From outdoor wheelchairs to stand-up chairs, you’ll find a wide range of products for maintaining and promoting your own mobility.

Our vision and mission statement

We are aware of the fact that a lot will change in the care market in the next few years. The population is getting older and care is becoming more expensive. The trend towards outpatient care is unstoppable and we would like to support relatives on this path as best we can.

Our vision is therefore to maintain the independence of those affected and to make care easier for everyone involved.

Likewise, we have the ambition to make the provision of information in care more transparent. That is why we have been operating a free information portal on expert standards in nursing since January 2023. Our nursing experts have edited these treatment guidelines and made them available at

We have also noticed that the pandemic has created a heightened awareness of preventive care. The diagnostic possibilities for early detection are improving all the time. Here, too, we would like to provide education and help ensure that diseases can be detected and treated earlier. That is why we offer a wide range of rapid tests for the early detection of tropical diseases, gastroenterological diseases and colds.

Our ambition is also always to offer the best possible quality at the best possible price. Therefore, a high level of expertise is required with regard to the supply of medical consumables such as e.g. personal protective equipment is a matter of course for us.

Social Responsibility

In this day and age, a company has an enormous social responsibility. This responsibility is very present in us and forms a large part of the ethical guidelines of our corporate actions.

We place particular emphasis on ecological sustainability. For us, this starts with avoiding unnecessary delivery routes and offering climate-neutral shipping at no cost to the customer.

Just like the climate, however, many other things in nature are worth protecting.

“Without healthy oceans, there would be no life on our planet. They regulate the weather and climate, provide well over half of the oxygen we need to live, store a significant amount of CO2 emissions, and serve as a necessary food source for much of the world’s population. Protecting the oceans means protecting our own lives.”[1]

Therefore we support among others [1] Sea Shepherd Germany e.V. to fight poaching and protect the oceans with regular donations.

By social responsibility, however, we mean not only nature, but all parts of our society where there is a need for help. Therefore, we also regularly donate a fixed contribution of our sales to the following social organizations:

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