The intelligent baseboards

Die intelligenten Fußleisten

nevisCura - Intelligent baseboards!

The smart solution for your care facility: intelligent fall detection relieves your caregivers and increases the quality of life of your residents. Modularly expandable with new functions in the future!

The sensor system “nevisCura” enables an easily integrated solution through intelligent baseboards to make life safer and more self-determined for your residents. In addition, as an attentive and supportive assistance system, nevisCura contributes to relieving the workload of nursing staff!

The sensor technology and the software are developed in Aachen by the nevisQ team. The technology provides a very accurate and efficient, but at the same time very discreet view of the room, without limiting or even violating the privacy of the occupant. The sensor system consists of a discrete sensor band, a base station and intelligent software.

Rethinking hazard and fall detection!

The big disadvantage with all classic call systems is that your resident must always be active themselves to call for help. However, reality often shows that people are unable to reach an emergency button in an emergency and thus cannot call for help, especially after a fall. Devices worn on the body, such as wristbands, are often not accepted by residents because they are perceived as stigmatizing.

nevisCura offers a comprehensive solution for this!

  • Real-time hazard detection: Be notified of dangerous situations in your residents’ rooms in real time. For example, if a fall should occur, your caregivers will be informed automatically and in real time!
    The special feature: Your resident does not have to carry an object with him or her, nor does he or she have to become active and call for help. nevisCura detects dangerous situations completely discreetly and independently!
  • Night light: When a resident gets out of bed at night, the light integrated in the base station slowly switches on, enabling the person to quickly find their way around the room. Accordingly, obstacles and stumbling blocks can be perceived and, at best, avoided.
  • Easy to retrofit: The sensor system and base station can be installed in your facility within half an hour per room. One base station is required per room, which on the one hand takes over the local evaluation of the sensor data and on the other hand serves as an interface to your nurse call system.
  • The portal: each resident requires an individual level of care, which can also change from one day to the next. That’s why every function can be switched on and off in the nevisCura portal, depending on your resident’s individual needs. For example, you can enable fall detection in one room, whereas you can turn on motion profiling for another occupant. In general, you use the nevisCura portal to manage all your rooms and functions, and to get information about the status of the rooms. Additionally, the interface provides an overview of your resident’s recent activities and statistics, such as their most frequent activities within the room. You can reach the portal through any web browser on your computer, which means that you do not need to install any additional software.

nevisCura is constantly being further developed in close cooperation with care facilities and experts. Currently, the following features are in active development and will be available in the future:

  • Movement profiles (from 2020): Even more important than detecting hazards is avoiding them. Movement profiles give a very good impression of how your residents are doing. nevisCura creates discreet movement profiles and provides information in the event of unusual changes in a resident’s daily routine. Your caregivers can provide even more targeted care as a result.
  • Bed exit alarm: If one of your residents is particularly at risk of falling, you can activate the bed exit alarm and you will be notified immediately and completely discreetly about leaving the bed!


In less than an hour per room, the system can be installed in a room in your facility. For this purpose, the sensor band is installed along the wall a few centimeters above the floor – integration in skirting boards is also possible! The base station is connected once to a power outlet and to the sensor band.

Connection to your call system

The system is simply integrated into your technical infrastructure and does not represent another isolated solution. The base station is connected to the auxiliary contact for call devices directly with a cable or by radio, so that all alarms are received via your call system and on your DECT telephones and pagers.

Die intelligenten Fußleisten

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