“OlkiControl” trunk muscle trainer

429,99  (incl. VAT)

Advantages for the user:

  • By using the OLKIControl device, seniors can extend independent time at home
  • Improving the quality of life by improving the physical condition
  • Prevention from falls and muscular injuries
  • Improvement of the condition, balance and digestion
  • Promoting and improving movement patterns in daily living, including standing up, sitting down.

Scope of delivery: basic device including app (without weight plates)


You can find more information about this product here.

OLKIControl allows the user to gain a better understanding of how to control their muscles and strengthen their core through training.

Understanding function and activating deep muscles gives the body a stronger hold, helping to maintain or improve the independence and autonomy of the elderly.

Technical data:

  • adjustable support bar, 80 to 120 cm
  • Maximum weight load 7.5 kg
  • for weight plates with a hole diameter of 30 mm
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